Our drug screening device is currently in development.
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The Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System offers a non-invasive and portable means of detecting drug use that's easy to use, with results in minutes.  Our short introductory video provides further insight into this revolutionary new system:


How it works

The Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System consists of novel, single-use sample collection cartridges and the portable Intelligent Fingerprinting Reader 1000.

Intelligent Fingerprinting Reader and cartridge Web

The fingerprint sample is collected onto the Intelligent Fingerprinting Cartridge:


Intelligent Fingerprinting Cartridge


The tamper evident cover is closed:


Tamper evident cover is closed2


The test is activated:


Test activation


The Cartridge is inserted into the Intelligent Fingerprinting Reader 1000:


Inserted into Reader2


The Reader analyses the sweat in the fingerprint using specialist immunoassay reagents:


Test complete3


Within 10 minutes the Reader provides a pass or fail result for each drug group in the test to predetermined thresholds:


Reader result



The Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System works by analysing fingerprint sweat, so it is totally non-invasive.

Safe and easy to use

Unlike conventional screening methods involving urine, saliva or blood samples, our System doesn’t require costly specialist collection or handling services. 


The Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System is compact and portable, for mobile drug testing in any location. 

Rapid Results

Fingerprint sample collection takes less than 5 seconds screens and the Reader tests for multiple drug groups in under 10 minutes.


Tests detect up to four drug groups: Amphetamines, Cannabis, Cocaine and Opiates.

Reliable results

The device will have the option to capture a detailed image of the donor fingerprint.  This can be used to verify personal identity in relation to the test result, meaning that cheating is virtually impossible and sample mix ups are avoided.

Tailored usage

The Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System can be used in a number of ways to meet individual customer needs:

  • Samples can be analysed by the Reader immediately or retained securely in their tamper-proof collection Cartridges for later screening.

  • Drug detection cut-off levels can be calibrated to customer requirements.

  • For controlled applications, such as policing or homeland security, future versions of the System will offer the dual ability to link the drug test result with confirmation of a person’s identity through analysis of their fingerprint sample.

 Our drug screening device does not currently have FDA approval. For customer enquiries about drugs of abuse screening in the US please contact our North American distributor SMARTOX.