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Dr Paul Yates presents at 12th Global Addiction Conference, Venice

Intelligent Fingerprinting's Dr Paul Yates is in Venice to present Intelligent Fingerprinting's 'blueprint for 21st century drug screening' at the 12th Global Addiction Conference this weekend.


Here's an extract from Paul's presentation abstract:


"Maintaining an open and honest relationship between client and clinician is critical to the success of any drug rehab programme.  With this need in mind, many clinics recognise the positive role of drug screening in enabling a more transparent approach to treatment and in measuring a client’s progress towards recovery. 


 The challenge when implementing a drug screening programme is to ensure it serves as a positive tool which helps to keep a client on track, rather than a perfunctory exercise or, worse, a degrading and punitive measure which could damage the all-important relationship between client and clinician."


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