Our drug screening device is currently in development.
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Drug Screening Services

Thanks to its portability, ease-of-use and non-invasive technique, our fingerprint-based Drug Screening System has potential for use in many drug testing situations including:


  • Drug rehabilitation clinics
  • Prisons
  • Workplace
  • Police, probation & courts
  • Military
  • Healthcare

Drug Rehabilitation

The ability to carry out fast, accurate drug clinic 1

screening is a critical part of drug rehabilitation activities, not only to identify the people who need help, but also to monitor whether patients are adhering to their treatment programme. Drug rehab centres need a cost-effective screening solution which can be carried out in different locations at short notice.

Meeting these needs with conventional point-of-care drug testing systems can be difficult because they all require collection of an invasive sample – such as urine, blood or saliva – presenting a potential biohazard risk that requires trained staff, specially prepared collection areas and biohazard sample disposal.  Existing screening methods are also susceptible to cheating, adulteration or incorrect results due to sample mix-ups.


Intelligent Fingerprinting offers a unique non-invasive point-of-care drug screening device that is ideally suited for use in drug rehabilitation treatment:  


  • Fast, non-invasive drug screening that’s safe and easy to carry out
    A single fingerprint sample is all that’s needed to screen for multiple substances in less than ten minutes. 

  • Convenient drug screening when and where you need it 
    Compact and portable, the device can be used for on-the-spot testing in any location. Using a credit-card sized fingerprint collection receptacle, samples can be collected at any time and in any location for immediate drug screening or stored for later analysis.  The receptacles do not need special storage or handling, meaning that samples can be taken at little or no notice. 

  • Cost-effective 
    A single test detects the five most commonly abused groups of drugs and no specialist collection, handling or biohazard waste disposal is needed.  The five drug groups are: Amphetamines, Benzodiazepines, Cannabis, Cocaine and Opiates.

  • Impossible to cheat
    The test is impossible to cheat because it is directly linked to the person via the sweat sample from their finger tip and their fingerprint image.


Drug testing within prisons is essential prison 1

to support a wide range of activities, such as mandatory screening in support of national policies; assessment of individual prisoners for addiction support and prescribing services; and the voluntary testing that often underpins schemes for drug-free accommodation areas.


To meet these needs the prison service requires a range of drug testing systems, including rapid point-of-care drug tests which can be employed randomly at very short notice to provide drug use intelligence.


Thanks to its portable design and rapid, non-invasive drug screening technique, Intelligent Fingerprinting’s handheld device is ideally suited to use within the prison service:


  • Improved prisoner reception & prescribing services

    If there is a delay in receiving the prisoner's information files it is often necessary to carry out a drug screen to identify possible drug misuse.  The device's ability to analyse to cut-off levels means that information about the amount of drug taken can be estimated.  This information could be critical in ensuring the prisoner receives the correct treatment until such time as their official records arrive.

  • Easier random screening ability for effective drug misuse deterrent
    Intelligent Fingerprinting’s portable drug screening device makes for easier random drug screening because testing can take place at any time, in any location and without the need for specialist staff or a specially prepared sample collection area.  The tamper-evident sample collection receptacles do not require special storage and can be used anywhere in the knowledge that the sample is kept safe and secure for later analysis if required.

  • Helping to tackle diverted medication
    Random, unannounced drug screening – which is easy to implement with our handheld device – can help with addressing problems associated with diverted medication, not only by detecting which individuals are involved but also by creating an effective deterrent against drug diversion in the first instance. 

  • Greater protection from false positives
    The collected fingerprint can be used to identify the sample donor, which is critical for establishing a chain of evidence and also for protecting the donor from false positives which may arise with conventional testing methods if samples get mixed up.


construction2The ability to implement an effective drug screening programme is a critical part of any policy dealing with drug use in the workplace.

Conventional point-of-care drug testing systems all require collection of an invasive sample – such as urine, blood or saliva – presenting a biohazard risk that requires trained staff, specially prepared collection areas, and biohazard sample disposal.  Existing screening methods are also susceptible to cheating or false positive results due to sample mix-ups.


Intelligent Fingerprinting’s testing device provides a non-invasive drug screening solution which is quick and easy to use, with no need for specialist collection arrangements or chilled sample storage.  Compact and portable, the device screens for multiple drug groups in less than 10 minutes, so it’s ideally suited for:


  • ‘Fitness for duty’ screening
  • To support post-accident investigations and ‘for cause’ testing
  • Random screening in almost any location

Other uses

Our patented fingerprint-based diagnostic technique has exciting potential for use in many different areas and we are researching opportunities for other applications.  We welcome enquiries about potential joint projects or commercial opportunities.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.