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Our drug screening device is currently in development.
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The Company

Intelligent Fingerprinting specialises in the development of non-invasive diagnostic screening technology for fast and convenient point-of-care testing using fingerprints.


We are developing the world’s first handheld fingerprint drug-testing system, which will be available soon. Our patented diagnostic technique detects drug use by analysing chemicals contained in the minute traces of sweat found in a fingerprint. 


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The company has attracted worldwide interest in its technology for a wide range of drug-screening applications including criminal justice, drug rehabilitation, prisons and the workplace.  The technique has potential for many other uses including healthcare diagnostics and homeland security applications.


Established in 2007, Intelligent Fingerprinting is a spin out from the University of East Anglia (UEA).  The company was founded by Professor David Russell, Professor of Chemistry at UEA, and is based on pioneering nanoparticle technology research developed at UEA.


We are located at Evolution Business Park in Cambridge, UK.


Intelligent Fingerprinting will revolutionise the market for point-of-care diagnostic screening technology by developing non-invasive and convenient fingerprint-based diagnostic devices for screening applications across many sectors, from criminal justice and drug rehabilitation to healthcare and homeland security.  Our innovative products will position Intelligent Fingerprinting as a leading global provider of diagnostic screening technology.  The company will sell and license its technology direct to customers.  Products will also be available via third party distributors.  


Our mission is to become the number one choice worldwide for reliable, cost-effective drugs of abuse screening across a broad range of markets.  We will do this by providing customer-friendly, non-invasive, rapid and accurate point-of-care diagnostic tests that improve the efficiency and convenience of screening both for customers and sample donors.

Management Team

We are led by an experienced team which brings together expertise in the fields of nanoparticle technology, forensics, immunoassay and instrumentation development, life sciences commercialisation and licensing.

Philip Hand


Philip Hand IFP Chairman Website

Philip has more than 20 years’ experience in medical diagnostics and is known for his success in bringing diagnostic screening products to market. He became Chairman of Intelligent Fingerprinting in 2015.

Philip co-founded the medical diagnostics company Cozart Bioscience Limited which pioneered the development and manufacture of oral fluid testing for drug screening. Following the company’s AIM listing in 2004 he was its Chief Operating Officer until October 2007 when he was involved in the negotiation to sell the company to Concateno plc (now Alere Toxicology) for £65 million.

Philip is a Business Ambassador for the Meningitis Now charity, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and a keen and active sportsman.

Dr Jerry Walker

Chief Executive Officer


Jerry has over 27 years’ experience in life sciences commercialisation, instrumentation and product development. He has held international P&L responsibilities for businesses in informatics, instrument service and, more recently, has been CEO of early stage diagnostics businesses. His earlier career included nearly 20 years with Amersham plc and GE Healthcare moving more recently to Akubio, Lab21 and Oxford MediStress Ltd.

As a life sciences consultant, Jerry successfully advised many early stage businesses on broad aspects of their operations from sales and marketing strategies to fundraising, product development, branding and strategic business development. Jerry obtained his BSc and PhD at the University of Liverpool Department of Biochemistry.

Prof David Russell

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

David founded Intelligent Fingerprinting in 2007 based on his pioneering research into the detection of drugs and drug metabolites in fingerprints.

David is also Professor of Chemistry at the University of East Anglia (UEA) where his research is focused within bioanalytical chemistry, particularly developing nanoscale based approaches for novel chemical measurement. He has published more than 90 primary research papers. His research has been recognized through the award of the RSC SAC Silver Medal.

Dr Mark Hudson

Development Director

Dr Mark Hudson Intelligent Fingerprinting Smallest Version

Mark has over 20 years’ experience in academic and industrial research, particularly in the areas of immunoassay and product development. Having initially investigated the role of protein expression in a range of tumour models at Imperial College and The Imperial Cancer Research Fund, he went on to manage a number of groups at ProIifix, developing high-throughput screening assays to identify small molecule drugs specifically directed against various cancer molecular targets. As Head of Manufacturing at ProImmune, he was responsible for making significant improvements in process and new product development.

Prior to joining Intelligent Fingerprinting Mark was the Operations Director for L3 Technology, where he oversaw the development of a Point of Care platform based on a room-temperature stable assay format and hand-held fluorescent reader to quantitate blood analytes from finger stick blood samples. He is listed as an inventor on 3 patents and author on over 10 primary papers.

Dr Paul Yates

Business Development Director


Paul has over 17 years’ experience working within the United Kingdom Criminal Justice System in the area of forensics. He was initially trained and worked as an expert witness for the Metropolitan Police forensic science laboratory in London, and then worked as the Key Customer Account Manager for the UK Government Forensic Science Service laboratory in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. Paul’s work at the Forensic Science Service included development of forensic services to tackle major crimes and sexual assault, and was recognised in 2009 through the presentation of The High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire’s Award for Excellence in Forensic Science.

Prior to joining the Metropolitan Police forensic science laboratory, Paul worked as a Research Scientist for the European Space Agency in Noordwijk, Holland. Paul has a BSc Degree in Earth Science and is a PhD in Space Science. He joined Intelligent Fingerprinting in May 2011 and is responsible for business development of the company’s unique fingerprint drug screening device.

Michael Chard

Head of Operations


With more than 27 years’ experience working in the medical diagnostics industry, Michael has managed four FDA-approved manufacturing facilities throughout his career and has previously held positions in Unilever Research, Unipath and Immunodiagnostic Systems Ltd. Michael joined Intelligent Fingerprinting in 2014 as Head of Operations, with responsibility for the manufacturing team. With his extensive scientific and clinical experience in medical diagnostics, Michael is a vital addition to the management team as the company enters its initial manufacturing phase.